House Cleaning Technician

About Us

Two Sisters Maid to Clean is a family-owned/faith-based home cleaning business where we believe work can be fun and rewarding. If you want a job in a positive workplace and have a heart for serving others, apply now to join our growing team. This job can give you lasting satisfaction, new skills, personal responsibility, and really great exercise. The most important requirement is SPARKLE!

Our Core Values

People over profits – The law of prosperity begins with giving. Every decision we
make gets made with our “people first” / “employee first” values.

Safety over expedience – every decision is made with our “safety first” and“employee-safety” lens.

Quality we charge what we’re worth and we’re worth what we charge

Compassion we believe in showing compassion to both our employees and clients.

Integrity: we believe in living our lives with integrity inside the company and in
our daily lives.